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Thurs 2nd March Cruises session

Join Jimmy Clancy tonight at Cruises (Ennis) Thurs night open session at 8:30pm – I’ll be playing too (and who knows what visitors tonight!) and we’ll have musical craic for a couple of hours! Jimmy (if he has time) will work out not only who you are but who you are related to in Clare!! Even if you are from Sweden or Vermont – well ok, maybe who you KNOW in Clare. 😉 Here are a couple of photos from last week.


Brian, Paula, Adrian, Mike and Sorcha. Photo by Andy Lambert.


Áine, Jimmy, Brian and Paula. Photo taken by Andy Lambert.


Mike Coffey and Sorcha Curtin


I’m dreaming ahead now because, even though this is the second month of our spring it feels like the first month of winter!! :/ But at least..the days are getting brighter! 🙂

I have wanted to visit Scattery Island for some time now and this year I’ve noticed more promotion of the day trips out to the island so, it’s now on our summer game-plan. I know already that it will be an inspiration for new music so it’s a must for me.

People might say – isn’t there enough new music – but, when new music comes out that everybody loves…nobody cares how old/new it is – it just ‘is’!  You’ll all know examples of this. Well, I’m not saying that any of mine will be that ‘one’ but, just as a good musician  keeps playing anyway knowing that they may not be the best out there – so must I write.

PS Pencil sketching is a form of therapy and inspiration for me – if I do some that day that are presentable 😉  I’ll upload them.

Cruises Thurs night sessions 23rd Feb

While I still have the time – I’m uploading photos from the previous week. As time moves on things will get busier…less photos! Some of you will be happy about that maybe, but for the rest of us – here we go! (Don’t forget to call in this Thurs 8:30pm Open Session, before heading to Doolin for the weekend!) Ps also, we’ll be here the night before St Patrick’s Day.


Áine Heslin and Jimmy Clancy. Photo by Betty Connor.


Paula, Satoshi and Michael.


Andy! 😉


Michael and…Michael!

Make it a ‘Valentine’s Thurs?! (16th)

Here we go again and, have we a LOT of lovely photos from last week?? Yes, thanks to our good friends Andy and Pat! More even, by Ronan at ‘Ireland’s Inner Beauty’ facebook group – check it out! Matt and I had a lovely visit from our good friend Frank Corr who lives in the UK/plays guitar, mandolin, banjo and sings! And of course all our other new and old friends as pictured below (hopefully with names correct..).

Join Jimmy and myself at Cruises again this and every Thurs from 8:30pm. Bring heart!


From the left – John, Adrian, Pat, Áine, Jimmy Matt and Frank. Photo taken by Andy Lambert.


Matt, Frank, John, Paula, Adrian, (Mary behind) and Satoshi. Photo taken by Andy Lambert.


Andy, Matt singing and Frank Corr (our good friend from England) Photo taken by Pat Keating.


Adrian on flute with Howard on tinwhistle behind. Photo taken by Pat Keating.


Satoshi on flute. Photo by Pat Keating..


Howard and Paula. Photo by Pat Keating.


Áine, Jimmy, Andy, Matt and Frank. Photo by Pat Keating.


John and Howard. Photo by Pat Keating.


Michael in the zone! Photo by Pat Keating.


Áine, Jimmy and Andy. Photo by Pat Keating


John and Howard. Photo by Pat Keating

Exciting night in Kilkee Sat Feb 11th!

The film ‘Connected 2 Each Other’ will be screened for charity (see below) – a short (25 min) filmed featuring Our Lady Queen of Peace, Janesboro, Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh and 8 #portraitartists .Sat 7:30pm at Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee. Tickets: Adult €5, Family €12 and Students €2

Filmed entirely in #limerick with a wonderful #soundtrack with musicians from #Westclare who will play live after the film. Light food sponsored by #marrinanspub at 9pm. .

Book into Kilkee for the night – a great night for 2 great causes. Any musicians attending are welcome to join us on stage after the film for just a couple of tunes!

for #pieta and #kilkeemarinesearchrescue

Connected 2 Each Other

Irish Music Magazine Dec’15

Bláthú composed by Áine Heslin 2015 for Maria Walsh in the film ‘Connected 2 Each Other’. (Played on a ‘C’ whistle )










The Easy Club (reel in Amaj)

The Easy Club – not necessarily an easy tune but a lovely one. We play many more besides that every Thurs night in Cruises Bar from 8:30 till about 11pm. Join us there this week or whenever you’re around.



Bill on flute,  Paula on concertina and Brian on flute.



In the background; Brian on flute, Michael on accordion. In the foreground; Betty on fiddle.


Martin singing a lovely song about Co. Clare.


Howard in the background on tinwhistle and Satoshi on flute.


It’s all a blur!! 😉


Thurs 8:30pm (2nd Feb ’17)’Cruises’

Join Jimmy Clancy, myself and all our visitors – regular and new – in Ennis tonight. Open seisiún at Cruises Bar under the hospitality of Pat and Teresa! 🙂 We had no photos taken last week so here are a couple from the previous week. We’ll probably be here at Cruises St Patrick’s Day EVE – so you can be planning ahead now! 😉

Thurs trad/Cruises (- almost Feb?)

All are welcome to come in to Cruises Bar Thurs weekly at 8:30pm and listen/join in…we’re having a ball! Tunes, tunes and more tunes. Jimmy Clancy has a store of old one and new ones which keeps things buzzin’. Many visiting musicians each week – from all corners of the world! Some photos from last week taken by our visiting fiddler, Betty Connor – thanks for sharing them Betty!

Go to to hear some tracks from my CD ‘The Tunes Foundry’


Orla, Áine, Jimmy, Bill, Patrick, Jerry and Colm. Photo by Betty Connor


Áine Heslin and Jimmy Clancy. Photo by Betty Connor.


Áine, Jimmy, Bill, Patrick, Jerry and Colm. Photo by Betty Connor


Sean nós dancing before our session finished – thanks Satoshi.


Áine Heslin and Jimmy Clancy. Photo by Betty Connor.

Thurs 19th Jan 8:30pm (Cruises)

Join us for some tunes tonight if you’re in town – Jimmy Clancy on accordion and myself, Áine Heslin on flute, and our visitors of course!! Some photos from last Thurs.


John, Patsy, Paula, Mick (taking a break) Mícheal, Jerry and – I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten our Italian flute-player’s name!!


Colm, Satoshi, myself and Jimmy.


Bill, Betty, Aiden, Kieran and John.


Betty, Aiden, Kieran, John and Patsy.

Thurs session in Cruises/Jan 12th

You coming in tonight? Cruises Bar 8:30pm. Put on your Uggs and snowboots…and be careful – could be some very precarious music played – risky reels, jigs in jeopardy and a hazardous hornpipe or two. (For those of you countries with lots of snow – just to let you know – we’re MAYBE in for between 1 and 3cm! So lots of prep!) Here are a few photos of last week – might not have everybody in photos, apologies. Lovely night.


Jimmy and Michael having the craic! 🙂


Michael, Betty, Bill and Jerry


Satoshi joining in!



Mick and Paula.


Orla on keyboards

Thurs 5th Jan 2017

Back in Cruises, Ennis tonight at 8:30pm with Jimmy Clancy and a host of visitors – feel free to come in and join us for the tunes, the broken resolutions, the keeping of the resolve to play/meet with friends and sure where would we be without our great audience who keep us motivated to play our best!

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It was 2016’s last Thurs seisiún…!:)


Lovin’ the tune! Patsy, Ritchie and Michael at Cruises Thurs night session – also Michael behind Patsy on the left.

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There was a great gang (flute players Bill and Áine missing from the photos) and many fine tunes were played Thurs night and I want to thank the listeners (mostly out of the pictures) who gave such great appreciation that everyone had a ball! Happy New Year to all!

See you at the Cruises Thurs night sessions in….2017! (Thurs Jan5th) 😉


Thurs 29th Dec 2016

What better than to be spending time with friendly musicians who continue to join us every Thurs in Cruises Bar from 8:30 for those couple of hours with tunes, stories of woe or of laughter and always welcoming some new friendly faces!! This time, as well as welcoming as many musicians as want to come – we would particularly like to invite people to come and listen to all these diverse instrumentalists with their different talents – FREE CONCERT in effect (apart from the price of a drink and a taxi). We don’t claim to be world class at all times (you can never tell who is in town though..!) and love to have the warmth of a friendly audience around us. Thank you for all the support this past year. Paula O’Regan and Patsy Hanrahan are planning to be there – a great start!


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2nd Thurs before Christmas! :)

Seisiún-time again for many Thurs 15th at Cruises Bar, Ennis. Join us at 8:30pm for tunes and merriment! I promise to wear the Christmas jumper….. NEXT Thursday! 😉 Here are some photos from last Thurs – including a special birthday lady who sang for us!! (Nóirín!)


Noirín Lynch included us in her birthday in the best way – with a song, beautiful! Thanks Noirín! x


Jerry from Canada and Clara from Ennis (Argentina!) and of Los Paddys de las Pampas


Quentin Cooper (The Fiddle Case) and Paula O’Regan on fiddle with Andy Lambert on bouzouki


Jimmy Clancy, Patsy Hanrahan and Canadian – Jerry!

Looking for tunes in Ennis tonight?

Come on down to Cruises Bar for 8:30pm where I’ll be playing as usual with Jimmy Clancy and a fine gathering of musicians (or maybe we’ll be quiet tonight due to the weather?? Nah! 🙂 Jigs and reels, waltzes and hornpipes – all very warming!) Order a hot toddy or maybe a nice meal. See you there. Bring your instrument if you play.


Cruises session captured by Patrick Keating

Above is a photo taken on the first night of Tradfest.

Getting cosy in Cruises!

Thurs 17th – tonight – Jimmy Clancy hosts the seisiún with me from 8:30pm and it’ll be lovely to have you with us if you are wrapping up and braving this winter’s day. Bring your favourite tunes tonight – we all have favourites and it’s nice to get to play them.


In Cruises Bar


In Cruises Bar


Photo by Patrick Keating

TradFesting starts already!

We had lovely visiting musicians last Thurs at Cruises Bar (some photos below) and some beautiful old tunes were breathed life into! Also, played a couple of my new tunes and it’s such fun to hear others play them! Jimmy Clancy will be hosting again on Thurs night from 8:30pm – first night of Ennis Trad Fest 2016 but there are at least seven other sessions going on around Ennis Thurs night alone so you’re feet will be tapping right around the town (if you plan to be on the move!!) All welcome.


Cruises Bar Thurs sessions

Thurs 27th Oct.

We’ll be playing in the front bar from 8:30pm till not very late so do come out to hear a few lively tunes – in fact, a great mix of tunes!! Jimmy Clancy on accordion, myself on flute/whistle and we’re always joined by a host of fine musicians. Watch out for the Ennis Trad Fest coming up in a couple of weeks…some of you already packing your bags I hear! Some recent Thurs photos…:)


Kevin O’Connor visiting uilleann piper

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This coming Thurs..(13th)

I am really enjoying these Thurs night early sessions in Cruises Bar (8:30pm – 10:45pm)! Jimmy Clancy has some lovely tunes that I’m picking up and we have great fun with visiting musicians – some regular now! Below are a selection of photos from recent and past Thurs nights…apologies if names are incorrectly spelled or missing!

Áine Heslin and Leslie Glassmire

Áine with Leslie Glassmire


Patsy Hanrahan (in background) and Áine McCarthy Kent.

Christy from Newbridge /concertina as well as a great sean-nós singer


Paula O’Regan

Joe Hanrahan


Conor Lynch


Mark – from North Carolina


Patsy Hanrahan, Liam O’Connor, Áine and Jimmy.


Fr. Pat Horgan, Florida/Kilfinora

Sun 2nd Oct 2016

‘Ceol Cois Tine’ (music by the fire)

Time has flown by and yes, we are heading towards October so fast that if we trip – we’ll be there!!:) Ceol Cois Tine is a monthly seisiún in Keane’s Bar, Carrigaholt (less than 1hr drive from Ennis) It’s a 7:30pm start this Sun 2nd Oct so there is plenty of time to get home in time for a good night’s rest. Every month Mags Keane asks different musicians to host the seisiún – this weekend it’s myself on flute, Mairéad Considine on concertina (one of the ‘Siarlinn’ founder members) and Martin Noel Tubridy on accordion. All musicians/singers welcome – including the younger musicians who often come to get used to the session scene!


Niamh Casey, Mairéad Considine and Orla Coughlan.

‘Ceol Cois Tine’ (music by the fire)

Time has flown by and yes, we are heading towards October so fast that if we trip – we’ll be there!!:)

Before I tell you about Ceol Cois Tine this Sun OCT 2ND (:0) I just want to remind you that I’ll be playing my usual weekly Thurs seisiún in Cruises with Jimmy Clancy (such a lovely gig where we always have somebody unexpectedly join but also, a few amazing regular fab musicians like Paula O’Regan, Andy Lambert, Patsy Hanrahan – sometimes Patrick Keating and Michael Brown) Last week we had a lovely musician from Louth, Róisín and her partner Shane who were on an extended holiday because they loved Clare so much! (I’ll post a photo or two below)

Ceol Cois Tine is a monthly seisiún in Keane’s Bar, Carrigaholt (less than 1hr drive from Ennis) It’s a 7:30pm start this Sun 2nd Oct so there is plenty of time to get home in time for a good night’s rest. Every month Mags Keane asks different musicians to host the seisiún – this weekend it’s myself on flute, Mairéad Considine on concertina (one of the ‘Siarlinn’ founder members) and Martin Noel Tubridy on accordion. All musicians/singers welcome – including the younger musicians who often come to get used to the session scene!


Martin Tubridy Co. Clare

Niamh Casey, Mairéad Considine and Orla Coughlan.

Great friends of mine at the launch of my album ‘The Tunes Foundry’ in 2015. l to r. Niamh Casey, Mairéad Considine and Orla Coughlan.

It’s the 1st of Sept…cool for school!

I had to mention school, didn’t I?? Surprisingly, many of the musicians that I play with are actually primary school teachers and therefore, are very busy settling into new routines – sometimes new schools – at this time of year. 😦 The sad face is me – missing my summer mates!!

On Mon last though – I had a fine seisiún with Niamh Considine and Matt in the Stella Maris Hotel in Kilkee. We had an unusually attentive audience and the atmosphere was just lovely – Niamh and I played a stormer and they loved Matt’s voice and choice of songs. Watch out for Mon Sept 26th because we’ll be back – 9:30pm.

Tonight! Thurs 1st Sept I’m with Jimmy Clancy  at Cruises Bar, Ennis and we have friends coming. Come and join in with us or just come and enjoy the music (if you say it quickly it almost sounds the same!!)


Jimmy Clancy and Aine Heslin – photo by Patrick Keating

16th/17th June

Well – Thurs 16th so time to get into Ennis for our Cruises session. Join me,  Jimmy Clancy and friends for some midsummer music and a bit of craic thrown in for good measure!!

Fri 17th It’s time for Fitzpatrick’s Pub in Kilkee playing tunes/songs with Niamh Considine on fiddle and Matt on guitar – call in about 10:30pm and we’ll entertain for the next couple of hours!! Musicians welcome to join.

See for more details of gigs.

Can you believe we’re almost at the longest day of the year already? Hope the good weather returns soon! 🙂


Session in Cruises Bar with Áine Heslin (flute), Jimmy Clancy (accordeon) and Michael Brown (bodhrán)


Fitzpatrick’s Bar, Kilkee

Thurs 9th in Ennis

Yes, it’s time for Cruises Bar again tonight. 8:30pm till 10:30/45pm. Looking forward to playing with Jimmy Clancy and I hear there are some visitors coming too! 🙂 Please drop in for a few tunes if you are near.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the tourists/visitors who give great attention to our session – it makes our night special.