Composer/Irish Traditional

This coming Thurs..(13th)

I am really enjoying these Thurs night early sessions in Cruises Bar (8:30pm – 10:45pm)! Jimmy Clancy has some lovely tunes that I’m picking up and we have great fun with visiting musicians – some regular now! Below are a selection of photos from recent and past Thurs nights…apologies if names are incorrectly spelled or missing!

Áine Heslin and Leslie Glassmire

Áine with Leslie Glassmire


Patsy Hanrahan (in background) and Áine McCarthy Kent.

Christy from Newbridge /concertina as well as a great sean-nós singer


Paula O’Regan

Joe Hanrahan


Conor Lynch


Mark – from North Carolina


Patsy Hanrahan, Liam O’Connor, Áine and Jimmy.


Fr. Pat Horgan, Florida/Kilfinora

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