Composer/Irish Traditional


Áine Heslin flute with Matt Heslin accompanying on guitar.

Áine Heslin flute with Matt Heslin accompanying on guitar.

Áine Heslin is a flute-player/composer of traditional Irish music living and working in Co. Clare, Ireland. She performs regularly with her husband, Matt who plays guitar and sings.

She has composed over 120 tunes since 2011 and recorded and released an album of twenty three of these called ‘The Tunes Foundry’ in 2014. Most of the fine photography on ‘The Tunes Foundry’ album and also this website is by a fellow-musician/photographer, Patrick Keating from Co. Clare.

Her focus in 2018 is the production of a new album of compositions (The Tunes Foundry 2) and also a Tune-book comprising many of the tunes from both albums – up to 50 new tunes!

The new album will be made up of tracks each with an individual tune, making them easier to learn so it could be an invaluable tool for teachers as well as musicians who are looking for something new for sessions, recordings or competitions.

In order to be able to fund this new project she has set up a campaign on and over the next five to six weeks (up to mid August ’18) with that support hopes to finish both the album (The Tunes Foundry 2) and the Tune-book. If you are interested in being part of this project you should click the Fund it link and check out the great rewards available for those who pledge support!

Áine continues to compose and will compose by commission also if requested. Matt accompanies her on guitar (DADGAD tuning) and bodhrán and is an accomplished singer of Modern Irish, American Country and Traditional Irish songs. He is also a singer/songwriter and will shortly be recording an album. They play with other locally renowned traditional musicians at various gigs, wedding ceremonies throughout the year. (See the ‘Events’ page for latest details)


Walking the Dog/A Tribute to Michael Tubridy – first track on ‘The Tunes Foundry’ album on which Áine plays flute accompanied by Graham Dunne!/guitar on guitar and Brian O’ Grady on Double Bass.

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