Composer/Irish Traditional

Áine’s Sketches

These are some sketches I did during a period from 2005 – 2011, a mix of subjects from family members to photos from newspapers or magazines (of which I did not keep the subject-names, sorry!) and a couple of local landscapes. Some of them I’m really quite proud of and others…well – I’m still improving!

(Watch for news on the possibility of buying a sketch – just need to sort the pay button with prices)

Since the COVID-19 quarantine I’ve started again by deciding to partake in a project called and it’s been a lot of fun! (My project name is #the100daysofttoyfreedom ). These sketches were each done in a short time – some 20 mins/some up to 90 mins and usually last thing at night (elongating the night!!!!zzzzzzz) They are mixed up date-wise. Some have the number on them out of 100.