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New, older and old traditional music.

I have enjoyed very much the sessions I have played this past year – 2017. Not only am I hearing my own tunes being played by friends (amazing) but I’m enjoying playing tunes written in the past twenty years by some well known traditional musicians too – and of course, there is such a vast amount of old tunes that are truly fantastic to play! It’s been heaven!

Looking ahead now – I have decided to record more of the many tunes I have written in order to just have them out there and they can therefore sink or swim!! This will allow me peace to continue writing as it is what I enjoy and who knows what tune/melody/air is waiting to be written down?! Have to find out!! #composing #newcompositions

If you have my last album (‘The Tunes Foundry’) please throw it into the cd player again and give it a spin – I’d love if you would let me know which tune you think is memorable to you and why. (For sale on my Shop page for €16p&p incl) One of the greatest compliments I received this year was from a friend who told me that The Tunes Foundry was the family’s favourite car music and was still being played despite two of the tracks being scratched!! #geraldineandgang


aines launch 044

Áine is presented with a cake by her father, celebrating the launch of her new CD The Tunes Foundry. From the family.



Áine Heslin flute with Matt Heslin accompanying on guitar.

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Thanks for the support so far!! I really appreciate it. xxxxx Áine

2 responses

  1. Breda

    Best of are an amazing person ,musician and composer.
    Of course our favourite tune is’ Saorla’s hornpipe’ which you names after our grandchild Saorla .Until very recent your cd and that tune especially was played till the cd almost wore out ,the children kept demanding and it was was enjoyed by all.Need to give it a spin again and may be looking for a replacement.😀


    November 28, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    • Breda, thanks for that lovely compliment! Saorla was a very sweet baby and yours and Martin’s first grandchild (not that any of your others are any less special!) So happy that you all enjoyed the tune. I haven’t played it for quite a while so I’m going to start playing it in Cruises!! xxxx Áine


      December 3, 2017 at 10:02 am

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