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Belated message to you followers of my website – on 13th Feb 2020, I lost my session-partner Jimmy Clancy to cancer and it was a very difficult time for me and for all who played regularly with him. My apologies for abandoning the website for some time now..

You can look through the photos in Gallery or the posts further back in the blog on my Homepage and you will see many lovely photos of Jimmy and all the sessions we hosted together in Cruises Bar in Ennis, Ireland. Jimmy – may you rest in peace and happiness with all the wonderful musicians who have gone before you and we wish your wife Nuala, sons James, John and Mark and all the family strength in times ahead.

Áine Heslin and Jimmy Clancy. Photo by Betty Connor.

Hi to all who used to check out this website. I’m afraid that I have abandoned it for the last couple of years – my sincere apologies – now, I have decided to rev up the website engines again as my recent ‘quarantine’ hobby has given me renewed motivation and energy!

I’m going to share a page full of pencil sketches I did back in the period 2005-2011 – at the time of making this website I had ‘hidden’ them in a back page because I learned that it wasn’t good to redirect my musical audience to other aspects of my life, such as art.

This year however, with the COVID-19 a crisis all over the world – it’s become the norm for creative people to diversify a little. There have been no gigs, no sessions and no meeting up for the past few months but musicians all over the world have been doing Live streams on Facebook (we have done this too!) and exploring other ways to use their creativity.

Below is an excerpt from the project I’ve been doing (#the100dayproject). I have always loved how soft toys are so valuable to children and we still had a lot of ours in storage – I have been attempting to capture something of the character of each toy in short, daily sketches! (Click on the page Áine’s Sketches for more)



I have not at all forgotten my music and indeed have composed a few tunes during this quarantine period of COVID – 19. But please read on..


For the past 11 weeks, my husband Matt and I have done a weekly Live stream on my Facebook music page

It’s a half hour of tunes and songs and we’ve been welcoming family, friends, followers and complete strangers to join with us in passing the time with a bit of music!

Live from home 8

We are not sure how long more we will continue the Live streams but we’re very happy that people are enjoying them from different corners of the world as well as home here in Clare!

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