Composer/Irish Traditional

Thurs 29th Dec 2016

What better than to be spending time with friendly musicians who continue to join us every Thurs in Cruises Bar from 8:30 for those couple of hours with tunes, stories of woe or of laughter and always welcoming some new friendly faces!! This time, as well as welcoming as many musicians as want to come – we would particularly like to invite people to come and listen to all these diverse instrumentalists with their different talents – FREE CONCERT in effect (apart from the price of a drink and a taxi). We don’t claim to be world class at all times (you can never tell who is in town though..!) and love to have the warmth of a friendly audience around us. Thank you for all the support this past year. Paula O’Regan and Patsy Hanrahan are planning to be there – a great start!


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