Composer/Irish Traditional

Wet but wonderfully musical July!!

We had a fine finish to the month of June in Cruises with the help of Jimmy Clancy’s son John on banjo, Pat Keating on accordion and a visitor from Germany (Wilfred I think?) on concertina – and on his way to his 25th year of Willie Clancy Summer School! I’ve given a couple of links to the summer school below for your information – I included the Wikipedia version as I particularly liked the paragraph ‘The Craic’. 🙂 Jimmy certainly has the craic with us every Thurs!

Last night was our seisiún in Fitzpatrick’s pub in Kilkee. Matt, myself, Orla Coughlan on fiddle and also, Tara O’Malley joined us on concertina. It was so cool to play some of my tunes with the girls – tunes like ‘Walking the Dog/A Tribute to Michael Tubridy’ and ‘Eire Sign’ – and played better than myself too. If you feel like looking up the notes – click onto the ‘Music’ page above and then click on whichever name of tune you want – the notes should show up for you.

Tomorrow night (Sunday 3rd July) we’ll be playing with Niamh Casey in Myles Creek, Kilkee so be sure to pop in (8:30pm) before hitting Miltown for the week!!

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