Composer/Irish Traditional

Thursday 19th May

Joining me tonight in Cruises Bar, are two people I’ve played with regularly over the past few years out in Daly’s Bar, Ballynacally – Conor Lynch on uilleann pipes and Joe Hanrahan on banjo/bouzouki! Please feel welcome to join us.
Jimmy – along with many musician friends – has lost a good friend/relative,  and lover of music -Joe O’Connor (May he rest in peace)  yesterday and cannot be with us tonight.
I’ve missed getting to post the last couple of weeks so for the past two Thurs nights – here are some photos…
On Thurs 5th Jimmy and I were joined by his good friend from North Carolina Mark on guitar and vocals, also Matt on guitar and vocals. Towards the end of the evening we were joined by a lady from Kilkenny on accordion and her son on mandolin (whose names have slipped my mind – so sorry!).

Last Thurs Jimmy and I were joined by Mark again and Andrew Lambert on bouzouki – both great singers! What a great night! We also had a visitor from the U.S. sing a beautiful rendition of a Bob Seger song


Mark – from North Carolina


Visiting musicians from Kilkenny!


Andrew Lambert on bouzouki


Jimmy Clancy!


Visiting from the U.S. – sang a Bob Seger song beautifully!

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